php[world] 2018

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Event name php[world] 2018
Twitter @phparch
  • JavaScript+
  • PHP
  • English
  • Technology
Location Washington, D.C., Virginia, United States
Date November 14th to 15th, 2018
We are excited to announce our 4th year for php[world], the annual conference for PHP developers, with special emphasis on WordPress & Drupal development as well! PHP as a language and a community has been rapidly changing in the last few years. A staggering 83% of the Web runs on PHP, and those websites are built on frameworks such as Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Symfony, ZF and Laravel, each of which has their own strong community. We created a conference designed to appeal to all these communities and bring them together. Hence, php[world] was born. An event intended to bring the entire world of PHP together in one place, to encourage cross-pollination of ideas and sharing of ideals.

Application details

Directions for applicants
The tickets include entry to our main 2-day event on Nov 14-15, including lunch each day as well. It does not include the training classes that we offer before the event (though we would be happy to discuss you adding those on). It does not include any travel or lodging costs. The venue is located right next to Dulles airport, and is accessible via various airport and metro shuttles. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsor, [Twilio](, we are offering a minimum of 10 tickets this year (and may find a way to offer more!)
Deadline for applications September 30th, 2018 23:59:00 UTC
Number of available diversity tickets 10 tickets
What's funded?
Ticket Accomodation Travel
Sorry, applications for php[world] 2018 are closed.