New Adventures

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Event name New Adventures
Twitter @naconf
  • English
  • People
  • Technology
Location Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
Date January 24th, 2019
Established for those who value design, New Adventures began as a trilogy of events between 2011–2013, welcoming 650 attendees from across the globe. We're back for 2019 and beyond, as it’s time to explore an uncertain future, together. Tools, frameworks, automation: what value do they offer, and how will they alter the way digital experiences form? Will you be essential or expendable? Did design sleep in while everyone else got busy defining a new rulebook for our industry? We'll talk about designing smarter. We'll consider labour and ethics, education and inclusivity, the disappearance of weirdness and fun. We'll reconvene, recalibrate, and re-energise digital design. Our speakers include Ethan Marcotte, Jeremy Keith, Clare Sutcliffe MBE, Naz Hamid, Helen Joy, and Jessica White, and we have fringe events across three days in the city.

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Directions for applicants
We're encouraging applications for one of our free diversity tickets to our main conference day on 24th January 2019 in Nottingham. Our application form asks ten simple questions, beginning with contact information. We'll then ask about your main areas of interest, what you'd hope to gain from attending our conference, and what most excites you about it. Finally, we'll ask what makes you a good candidate for a diversity ticket.
Deadline for applications October 31st, 2018 23:59:00 UTC
Number of available diversity tickets 30 tickets
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Sorry, applications for New Adventures are closed.