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Event name FFS Tech Conf Down Under
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  • English
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Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Date February 2nd, 2019
We’re bringing FFS Tech Conf to Australia! FFS Tech Conf is a conference that started in London as a “jokey early morning tweet exchange” and became a one-day single-track conference. The original FFS Tech Conf legends are a group of tech professionals who were a little bit done with the typical conference format. In their own words: “We’ve been dismayed by many recent conferences which seem monopolised by well-meaning and erudite speakers giving convincing presentations on non-controversial subjects, based on opinion rather than experience, delivered to what is effectively an echo chamber of fellow professional presenters and an audience so bamboozled by the intricately constructed arguments that they’re not sure whether or how to challenge what is said.” - [FFS Tech Conf](https://ffstechconf.org/about/) They created a conference where participants could engage in structured rants about their frustration with some of the unnecessary complexity and willful stupidity in software delivery, and where the audience could engage in discussion afterwards. It’s somewhere between an unconf and public forum debate. We were inspired by this concept and watched intently the twitter action from afar. We decided to bring the concept to Australia, and thus, FFS Tech Conf Down Under was born. We aim to adhere to the ethos of the original FFS Tech Conf and have been in touch with the original organising team. We hope to be the catalyst for many other FFS Tech Confs around the world and in the other states of Australia. ## Ethos At its core FFS Tech Conf is a grassroots movement. While presenting a chance for participants to experience catharsis, it is mostly an opportunity to get to the heart of a matter with people who care and have something to contribute. We’re hoping as much as possible to replicate the experience of the London conference, which attracted a diverse set of voices, who normally would not attend conferences, and were energised by the concept of participating FFS Tech Conf. Additionally, like the London conference, we will be running this as a not-for-profit initiative because we see the need and the demand for it rather than for financial reward. We’re looking to run a quality event that supports speakers and audience alike, promoting diversity, inclusion and accessibility. ## Format Sessions at FFS will all have a title beginning with “FFS …” and will consist of a 10-15 minute rant followed by 10-15 minutes for discussion. Sessions last no more than 15 minutes of rant about technology, it's practice or its use (30 minutes of discussion to follow each rant). Additionally, we’ll be opening up the conference to people in technology who have been ‘off the tools’ for a bit, like Product Managers and strategy leads. We’ll be following the programme of the original event, including the amazing lightning/insta rants in the evening.

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Ticket includes entry to the event, and food/beverages. We also encourage you to submit a rant which is a separate process on the website via a google form or a via the Twitter handle. We'd love to have as many diverse 'ranters' as possible, including differently-abled participants. We'll be trying to incorporate accessibility into the format with things like live captioning. We'd also love other suggestions from diverse participants about how we can make it more inclusive. If we get more sponsors who can cover travel we might open this option up later. Please get in touch with us at organisers@ffsconfdownunder.com if you'd like to be kept in mind for this.
Deadline for applications December 31st, 2018 23:59:00 UTC
Number of available diversity tickets 10 tickets
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Ticket Accomodation Travel
Sorry, applications for FFS Tech Conf Down Under are closed.