php[tek] 2019

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Event name php[tek] 2019
Twitter @phptek
  • PHP
  • English
  • DevOps
  • Security
  • Technology
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Location Atlanta, GA, United States
Date May 21st to 23rd, 2019
In our 14th year, we are the longest running PHP and related technology conference in the United States. We focus on bringing the experts in the field to you, the PHP developer. Our speakers share their experience and knowledge to level up your game over three days, while we provide plenty of opportunity for networking with the community as well. This year php[tek] is being organized into a series of tracks, each dedicated to teaching you in-depth information about a specific topic. Leading up these tracks are hand-selected track chairs, chosen for their knowledge in the field and excellent presenters. They are all working together to create a unique curriculum to take your skills to the next level. Each track’s design is a series of new talks that flow together smoothly, and yet, you can drop in/out of a track throughout the day as needed. Each session will be in a 1-hr timeslot. You can choose to sit in one room all day and learn a topic from beginning to end or bounce between the various tracks, putting together a unique learning experience tailored to your needs. The choice is yours.

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We are offering our diversity tickets through support of our diversity sponsors: Twilio, SalesForce & MailChimp. We are working hard to increase the availability of educational content such as this to those of diverse backgrounds and to ensure that our attendee audience reflects the community itself. These tickets will include full access to all three days of the conference, lunch, snacks, and any evening activities that we plan. The tickets are a $1195 full price value. They will not unfortunately be able to include any travel or hotel expense coverage. However we are based in a convention center this year, instead of a hotel itself, so are free to find whatever accommodations best suit you.
Deadline for applications April 21st, 2019 23:59:00 UTC
Number of available diversity tickets 16 tickets
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Sorry, applications for php[tek] 2019 are closed.