GR8Conf EU 2019

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Event name GR8Conf EU 2019
Twitter @gr8conf
  • Groovy
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • English
  • Automation
  • DevOps
  • Technology
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Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Date May 27th to 29th, 2019
GR8Conf is an independent, affordable conference dedicated to the technologies in the Groovy ecosystem. We feed the brains of attendees with all the important stuff from the Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut community. Starting in 2017 we also expanded our reach to include relevant DevOps topics including Jenkins. We have in-depth talks and workshops covering all major technologies in the Groovy ecosystem and DevOps technologies. Some of the technologies covered on the main conference are Groovy, Grails, Gradle, Spock, GMetrics, GContracts, Griffon, Micronaut, and many many more. On the DevOps track, there will be sessions on continuous integration, continuous delivery, build technologies, deployment platforms, container tools and more.

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Directions for applicants
This purpose of the diversity program to help underrepresented people in the Groovy community attend [GR8Conf EU]( Applicants can self-identify as underrepresented and we won’t ask you to prove you are a member of a particular group. Underrepresented groups in the Groovy ecosystem include (but are not limited to): women and non-binary gendered people, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and disabled people. Thanks to Diversity Ticket Sponsor [Balsamiq](, the 2019 program includes a conference ticket, hotel accommodation, and airfare within the EU (or an equivalent price) if needed. Applications close April 15 23:59 UTC. The winners will be contacted before May 1. Please apply [via Google Forms]( *There is a separate program for students in Denmark to receive a free ticket. Please email for your special discount code and the details of the student program.
Deadline for applications April 15th, 2019 23:59:00 UTC
Number of available diversity tickets 2 tickets
What's funded?
Ticket Accomodation Travel
Sorry, applications for GR8Conf EU 2019 are closed.