.NET fwdays'20 Conference

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Event name .NET fwdays'20 Conference
Twitter @fwdays
  • C
  • C#
  • English
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  • Technology
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Date April 11th, 2020
.NET fwdays'20 is the six edition of the large conference in Kyiv for architects, developers and everyone involved and interested in .NET. .NET fwdays'20 is: - 2 talks of tracks - 13 local and international speakers - community discussions Check the first speakers: Dylan Beattie (Skills Matter), Olia Gavrysh (Microsoft), Matthijs Hoekstra (Microsoft), Mark Rendle (Visual recode) and more.

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Directions for applicants
We want to make Fwdays conferences available for everybody! Diversity ticket is an opportunity to attend the conference for those who are less represented in the IT community and those who need the financial help. Please fill in the form below to apply. The deadline for application is March 11. 5 people who will randomly get the tickets for 100 UAH (~5 USD) after thorough checks from Fwdays orgs will get the e-mails by March 14.
Deadline for applications March 11th, 2020 23:59:00 UTC
Number of available diversity tickets 5 tickets
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Sorry, applications for .NET fwdays'20 Conference are closed.