Code BEAM Lite Berlin

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Nombre del evento Code BEAM Lite Berlin
Twitter @CodeBEAMio
  • Elixir
  • Erlang
  • English
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Lugar Berlin, Germany
Fecha October 12th, 2018
Get ready for an action-packed one-day conference fused with a mix of talks on innovation and open-source applications based on Erlang, OTP, Elixir, LFE, BEAM and other emerging technologies! And all this in an exciting city of Berlin, home to many startups and a city with an amazing creative energy.

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If you wish to apply for Diversity Ticket, please apply via the link. All application information will be kept confidential. The Diversity Scheme is primarily aimed at (but not restricted to) women, people from ethnic minorities and people with disabilities who would otherwise not be able to attend the conference. A committee will review applications on individual basis. All committee members will sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the anonymity of applicants. We will do our best to meet as many applications as possible.
Fecha límite para enviar solicitudes September 9th, 2018 00:00:00 UTC
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