React Day Berlin

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Event name React Day Berlin
Twitter @ReactDayBerlin
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Location Berlin, Germany
Date December 2nd, 2017
Are you into React, React Native, GraphQL and hungry to learn from the best? React Day Berlin is a brand new event in the city, the first of its kind - a full day conference for engineers working with the React technology stack. A careful balance of practical and visionary talks from renowned speakers make React Day a unique place to meet and learn from the most forward-thinking international community members, influencers and open source maintainers.

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Directions for applicants
We strive to create a welcoming and diverse environment at our conference by including a broad range of topics and people from various backgrounds to create a unique and inspiring atmosphere at our event. For this reason, we are willing to make it possible to attend our event for people from underrepresented groups in technology who are interested in attending our conference but are limited due to social or economic hardships. This includes, but is not limited to: women, people of colour, LGBT+ people, people with disabilites. Scholarships include a free conference pass that will be awarded after the successful application process* and lottery.* Application form is open until November 4, 2017. React Day Berlin Conference takes place December 2, 1017. More information about the conference: Scholarships are made possible by a joint effort of our attendees and sponsors. If you are also willing to contribute towards increasing the amount of scolarships we can award, you can do so by purchasing a Diversity Support Ticket for you and your team via Eventbrite or get in touch via *All applications will be checked subject to eligibility. *Please be aware that scolarship application does not guarantee you a ticket, all applications are subject to lottery.
Deadline for applications November 4th, 2017 00:00:00 UTC
Number of available diversity tickets 50 tickets
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Ticket Accomodation Travel
Sorry, applications for React Day Berlin are closed.