Script'18 - A conference about JavaScript

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Event name Script'18 - A conference about JavaScript
Twitter @scriptconf
Location Linz, Upper Austria, Austria
Date January 19th, 2018
Script'18 is a 100% independent one-day, curated and handcrafted JavaScript event for the community, happening in Linz, Austria. It's unique in it's format: talks start at 1pm, and we go way into the night. The last talk ends at 9pm, and the conference ends whenever it should be :-) ## Lineup 2018: - Evan You, creator of Vue.js - Marcy Sutton, Deque Systems - Andre Staltz, RxJS Core - Michaela Lehr, - Simona Cotin, Microsoft - Phil Hawksworth, Netlify - Charlie Gerard, Thoughtworks ## What's included A ticket includes admission to the event and all inclusive catering: dinner, coffee, drinks, cake, refreshments and the after-show party. If you have special dietary requirements, let us know! ## A conference for everybody We do our best to ensure everyone is welcome — and our wonderful attendees and speakers add their fair share to make the atmosphere of Script so friendly and unique. We got this family-vibe going on, and you can be part of it! ## 100% independent There is no huge company behind ScriptConf. It's organised by a couple inviduals who want to have the best conference experience for the community. We work closly with our partners on the event's surroundings to make sure this won't be another hiring competition, but an event worthwhile for everyone involved! Find more about the conference at [our website](

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Thanks to our wonderful and generous sponsors at [Travis]( we are able to offer 8 diversity tickets to you! Please take a moment and [tell Travis]( how incredibly awesome they are! 🙌 🎉 💃 When you apply, please consider if you are able to attend. There's a lot of demand for our tickets and we want to make sure every spot is used :-) We will not share the privacy, details, and answers of any applicant with third parties, including those who sponsor the conference and/or diversity tickets.
Deadline for applications December 31st, 2017 00:00:00 UTC
Number of available diversity tickets 9 tickets
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Sorry, applications for Script'18 - A conference about JavaScript are closed.