Southeast PHP Community Conference

Event details

Event name Southeast PHP Community Conference
Twitter @southeastphp
  • PHP
Location Nashville, TN, United States
Date August 16th to 17th, 2018
Southeast PHP Conference is a community run conference aimed at helping PHP Developers up their career with a vast array of topics from the internal PHP workings to DevOps and everything in between. Whether you have used PHP before or never have, we are hoping to give everyone at least one thing to walk away to help them in their career. We plan on featuring a few JS talks as well, since it's hard to be a developer and not use JS these days!

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Directions for applicants
On June 29th, we will use a script to pick 5 people from the submissions to give tickets too!
Deadline for applications June 28th, 2018 00:00:00 UTC
Number of available diversity tickets 5 tickets
What's funded?
Ticket Accomodation Travel
Sorry, applications for Southeast PHP Community Conference are closed.