Drupal Europe 2018

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Event name Drupal Europe 2018
Twitter @DrupalEurope
  • PHP
  • English
Code of conduct link https://www.drupaleurope.org/coc
Location Darmstadt, Germany
Date September 10th to 14th, 2018
## The biggest European Drupal event reimagined Drupal Europe is both a technology conference and a family reunion for the Drupal community. It brings together attendees with shared interests in great digital experiences and solving challenges together. The conference puts an emphasis on contribution with opportunities throughout the whole week and especially on Monday and Friday. Eleven industry tracks focus on real life case studies and success stories alongside emerging new best practices. Workshops throughout the week provide hands-on opportunities to broaden your knowledge. Drupal Europe is put on by a group of community volunteers in collaboration with the German Drupal Association and the Drupal Europe Foundation.

Application details

Directions for applicants
The Drupal community is really interested in increasing diversity. We see ourselves as respectful, tolerant, open and welcoming individuals but that is not enough without actively reaching out and taking a stand. The Drupal Europe venue is <a href="https://www.darmstadtium.de/en/for-visitors/accessibility/">proud of their accessibility</a> for blind and partially sighted visitors, people with mobility challenges as well as those with impaired hearing. On top of that we care for various food preferences and needs and provide complimentary childcare services, a lactation room, a quiet room for prayers and clearing your mind as well as at least one gender-neutral bathroom. Selected applicants will receive a free conference ticket and are very welcome to join the contribution opportunities (formerly known as "code sprints"). Please <a href="https://drupaleurope.org/user/register">register your account at the event website</a> - we will create your name tag from the information given there. Indicate your food preferences, sign up for childcare and request special assistance in the registration form.
Deadline for applications August 12th, 2018 00:00:00 UTC
Number of available diversity tickets 25 tickets
What's funded?
Ticket Accomodation Travel
Sorry, applications for Drupal Europe 2018 are closed.