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Event name FFS Tech Conference
Twitter @FFSTechConf
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Code of conduct link https://ffstechconf.org/coc/
Location London, London, United Kingdom
Date September 19th, 2018
FFS Tech Conference was accidentally created by a handful of experienced technologists who have all run conferences in the past. We’ve been dismayed by many recent conferences which seem monopolised by well-meaning and erudite speakers giving convincing presentations on non-controversial subjects, based on opinion rather than experience. Floating the idea on twitter received a massive response in terms of both potential submissions and votes/retweets for those submissions. What we have noticed is that the respondents are a diverse set of voices, who normally would not attend conferences, and appear to be energised by the concept of FFS Tech Conf and are keen to participate. The resulting conference is a single day, single track conference. All sessions topics must start “FFS...” and last no more than 15 minutes of rant about technology, it’s practice or its use (30 minutes of discussion to follow each rant). There will also be a series of lightning rants and an open space in evening for further discussion. For more info see [ffstechconf.org](https://ffstechconf.org)

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We will not let this conference just be a bunch of middle aged white men ranting from a position of entitlement. This would undermine its validity and make for a poorer discussion of the issues we hope to include. These issues don’t just affect all of those currently participating in the technology industry but also those who would like to but are not included for various reasons. As part of this we are making a significant number of diversity tickets available for free for underrepresented groups in technology. If you are interested, please submit your interest here on diversity tickets and applicants will be chosen to be awarded these tickets on 7th September 2018. The tickets offered are full conference tickets which include admission to all sessions plus lunch, drinks and snacks during the day.
Deadline for applications September 7th, 2018 00:00:00 UTC
Number of available diversity tickets 15 tickets
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Sorry, applications for FFS Tech Conference are closed.