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Nom de l'événement Connected Data London
Twitter @Connected_Data
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Localisation London, London, United Kingdom
Date November 7th, 2018
On 7th November 2018 Connected Data London brings together Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Technology, Linked Data and Graph Database innovators, thought leaders and practitioners annually in one great conference. This year the conference is hosted at Prospero House in Borough, in central London. Whether you're an industry leader or just starting out you'll find a rich array of topics including: Graph Databases Knowledge Representation approaches & standards such as OWL AI, Semantic Technology & Reasoning Network Analysis & Visualisation Natural Language Processing, annotation & extraction Ontology, Knowledge Graph & Data Model development Differing Graph approaches including Property Graphs, RDF Graphs & Knowledge Graphs Graph Query Languages such as Cypher, Gremlin & others Integration approaches & APIs Recommendation Engines Parallel Graph computing, partitioning Scalability & performance Leading Opensource projects and technologies such as Tinkerpop, Janusgraph & others Metadata, Master Data Management, Data Governance & Data Quality Management

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Date limite de candidature October 31st, 2018 23:59:00 UTC
Nombre de billets diversité disponibles 20 billets
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