Canvas Conference

Détails de l'événement

Nom de l'événement Canvas Conference
Twitter @canvasconf
  • English
Localisation Birmingham, United Kingdom
Date October 10th, 2019
Canvas Conference is a single day digital product and experience conference sharing the insider stories from people solving real customer problems. We are single track event of inspirational and informative talks for people who design, make and deliver digital products and experiences. Our speakers will share with us not only their successes and failures but their lessons learned and the journey they went on.
 There’s no high-level overviews or brand evangelists, we provide actionable insights from real people doing the hard work designing and managing digital products and customer experiences. We have 10 free tickets available which have been kindly donated by our partners, Balsamiq.

Détails de la candidature

Instructions à l'intention des candidat·e·s
All successful applicants will be given a free, full-access ticket to Canvas 2019 which includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, access to all the talks and access to the after-party in the evening thanks the wonderfully generous guys at Balsamiq.
Date limite de candidature August 29th, 2019 23:59:00 UTC
Nombre de billets diversité disponibles 10 billets
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Billet Hébergement Voyage
Désolé, les candidatures pour Canvas Conference sont fermées.